Monday, 22 December 2014


Cold Wave in North India....
Coldest December in Five Years !!!!


At a Sindhi’s Store there was a Parrot who  Spoke Three English, Hindi and Sindhi.
To check it out a Man asked: "Who are you ?"
The Parrot Replied : "I am a Parrot.""

“Wow Wow..  Ab Batao Tum Kaun Ho ? "
The Parrot Replied : "Main Ek Tota Hoon ."

“Wow Wow…..  Haane budh’ae Too’n Ker Aahee’n ? 

“ Bhangee Maanu, Chari ja putra , Boda ,Vando Ayee’n Cha ? Hikdi Gaal  toh’khe Ketra Dafaa budha’yan ? Khainde’n  Chamata Vary Puchande’n ta.  Ma Toto Aayaa’n  toto toto !!!